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Good content is essential for establishing a strong online presence, building your brand and growing your business. Content marketing is also the cornerstone of an effective link-building campaign – vital for good organic rankings in the search listings. For these reasons content marketing is a fundamental part of digital marketing.

The content used for a digital marketing campaign is predominantly text but can, and should, also include images, videos, podcasts and graphics. Using a variety of media will help extend the reach of online marketing efforts.

Here at Ditto Digital we have a team of professional writers who are experts at discovering the most popular topics and then researching and writing content that is truly informative and engaging. We have writers with a creative flair for creative businesses and also writers who can tackle most technical and professional topics. We can produce lively blog posts, in-depth articles, white papers, reports and press releases as part of one of our tailored SEO campaigns.

We work hard to understand every business and their specific aims at the outset of a campaign, but are also flexible enough to change our approach as business objectives change.

Once we have understood your business requirements and developed a content style with the right “voice” for your organisation we then embark on the online marketing of the content we have developed specifically for your business.

This involves speaking to our journalist contacts within the national and local press to gain editorial coverage, collaborating with a wide range of bloggers and influencers to secure publication of the content, and, of course, promoting that content on social media.

Content marketing is an essential step in the link-building process that is itself vital to gain high rankings in the search results. It ensures targeted buyers are aware of your products and services, and develop trust in your business so that when they are ready to buy your business is their preferred supplier.

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