Struggling to attract visitors to your website? Want to know why?
We can help.
We use a range of Website Optimisation techniques to pinpoint issues preventing visitors from finding, and engaging with, your website.

Our website optimisation process is backed up by experience working in companies of all sizes from international Fortune 500 corporations to SMEs. We have the technical skills and expertise to discover issues and, more importantly, recommend solutions. Plus, of course, we can implement those solutions if required. Too often we see websites not working to generate sales and increase revenue. We can fix that!

How your website is designed and built is crucial to the success of your business’s online marketing. If the website is not right then marketing and advertising effort is being wasted.

We analyse a whole range of website data in order to assess factors such as hosting quality, speed, website framework and CMS (Content Management System), software and database versions being used, user experience and more…

Server Hosting
Website Speed
Website Accessibility
Website Framework
Website Security
Software & Database
User Experience

Our aim is to fully optimise all of these elements on a website to ensure optimum online visibility, security, speed and user experience.

We have worked with Technology, B2B, not-for-profit and e-Commerce websites.

Crucially, we recommend solutions but also guide you through the process of implementing those solutions to fully optimise your website.

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What our clients say…

I have worked with Ditto Digital for over three years and have always found them very professional and service orientated. They really know Their subject but are able to explain the technicalities and answer questions at a layman’s level in the complex world of SEO.


We’ve been working with Ditto for nearly 2 years now and they have consistently driven more traffic to our website and consequently we’ve seen a big uplift in sales. Very knowledgeable about SEO and have also helped with several improvements to our site.


2 thoughts on “Website Optimisation

  1. I see that Michelle Symonds has written about Headless WordPress on LinkedIn today. What is Ditto Digital’s practical experience of implementing headless/decoupled websites. What has the impact been on speed and especially Core Web Vitals? Would be good if you could share some stats here or on LinkedIn.

    1. Hi Josh,
      Glad you saw my post on LinkedIn!
      We are currently in the process of trialling a switch to headless WordPress so that we can see first-hand the impact across different industries. I have your email so will let you know when we publish the results. Or just keep an eye out on LinkedIn as I’ll be sure to mention it there too.

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