Technical SEO Audit
How your website is designed and built will affect how successful it will be in attracting customers online. A well-designed website, free from technical issues, is the foundation on which all SEO and digital marketing efforts will be built so a technical SEO audit is an essential part of your digital marketing toolkit.
We perform a detailed technical analysis of your website and make recommendations for improving it in a way that will create a valuable resource for your business that stands the test of time. Quite simply a better website for your business that will deliver a better ROI.


Our Technical SEO Audit also includes a comprehensive review of mobile website speed and mobile usability.

Our recommendations for implementing an effective SEO Strategy will help boost your rankings in Google Search, drive visitors to your site and convert more leads. We analyse all of the following:


  • Target Keywords/Search Terms
  • On-Page Optimisation
  • Backlink Profile
  • Current Organic Rankings
  • Competitor Rankings
  • Competitor Backlinks
  • Mobile Speed
  • Mobile Usability


Our Technical SEO Audit Service includes up to 3 keywords/search terms and 3 competitors. We also provide in-depth Keyword Research & Analysis if your business is just starting out or needs to reassess target markets.

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Technical SEO Audit Service High Wycombe - improving CTR
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All businesses need an effective presence in the online marketplace. Even if you don’t sell products or services online it is important to build credibility to reassure clients that¬† your business is reputable and can deliver the products or services they need.
Many websites look attractive and get their main marketing message across but who is seeing that message? Is it just existing customers?
To attract new customers and grow a business you need to attract the “unknown unknowns”. Those people who don’t already know your brand and those people who have not been referred by other customers. Can you be sure your website serves that purpose?
A good place to start is with our FREE Basic SEO Audit – this will highlight any issues affecting your website that could be limiting it’s effectiveness.