Technical SEO Audit
How your website is designed and built will affect how successful it will be in attracting visitors online. And then engaging those visitors and converting them to loyal customers. A well-designed, well-optimised website, free from technical issues, is the foundation on which all SEO and digital marketing efforts will be built so a technical SEO audit is an essential part of your internet marketing toolkit.
Many websites have basic errors such as broken links, missing images and slow mobile speed. Or poor optimisation with missing or duplicate web page titles and poorly formatted content. Or they have been optimised but for the wrong keywords that don’t attract potential customers – or not in large enough numbers. Or earlier SEO efforts used now out-dated practices that are negatively impacting the ability to succeed in organic search.


A technical SEO audit is an essential part of your digital marketing toolkit


We perform an in-depth analysis of your website (including your Google Analytics and Google Search Console data) and make detailed recommendations for improving it in a way that will create a valuable resource for your business that stands the test of time. Quite simply a better website for your business that will deliver a better ROI. Either implement our recommendations in-house or ask us to develop and implement an SEO campaign.


Our Technical SEO Audit includes a comprehensive review of mobile website speed and mobile usability. Where necessary we can additionally complete detailed Keyword Research & Analysis.


What’s Included?


Our recommendations for implementing an effective SEO Strategy will help boost your organic rankings in Google Search, drive visitors to your site and convert more leads. For every page on your site we check for duplicate content, duplicate page titles (an important ranking factor ) and meta description; find broken internal links that affect user experience. We also analyse all of the following sitewide ranking factors that contribute to online success in the organic search results:


  • Redirect issues
  • Indexing and Crawlability of pages
  • Technical factors such as canonical URLs
  • Internal and external links
  • URL structure
  • Image optimisation
  • Mobile Site Speed
  • Mobile Usability


Our professional site audit reviews every aspect of your website that could impact SEO success and makes detailed recommendations of the improvements required. This includes a review of Google Analytics and Search Console data. We also liaise with web developers and designers to ensure successful implementation of recommended changes. If your business is just starting out or needs to reassess target markets we also offer in-depth Keyword Analysis.

It also reviews the user experience (UX) – particularly from a mobile perspective, and what factors might be limiting the number of conversions. Older websites were often designed for large screens and even though they are mobile responsive they may not deliver a good mobile experience for users. There are many elements to a good mobile UX and these are more important than ever.

Mobile UX Factors

  • Uncompressed images
  • Too many redirects
  • Render-blocking JavaScript or CSS
  • Position of tap targets
  • Size of tap targets

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All businesses need an effective presence in the internet marketplace. Even if you don’t sell products or services online it is important to build credibility to reassure customers and clients that your business is reputable and can deliver the high-quality products or services they need.
Many business websites look attractive and get their main marketing message across – but who is seeing that message? Is it just existing customers who already know about your business? Or are you attracting new visitors from outside your normal sphere of influence?
To attract new customers and significantly grow a business you need to attract the “unknown unknowns”. Those people who don’t already know your brand and those people who have not been referred by other customers. It is only by significantly increasing your pool of potential customers that rapid and sustained growth is possible. Those potential customers are out there and search engines can drive them to your door with the right online marketing approach. Can you be sure your website serves that purpose by driving new leads from new sources or new areas?
If you plan on growing your business then a good place to start is with the huge online audience looking for just the product or service that you are selling. A good place to start growing your internet presence is with our Technical SEO Audit. But if you want to find out more about our business and the level of service we provide then why not try our Basic SEO Audit – this will highlight any broad issues affecting your website that could be limiting it’s effectiveness now and for any future internet marketing campaign.