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We create powerful SEO strategies that generate real world, commercial results. Our technical know-how drives targeted traffic to outperform competitors in online search. Our focused content strategies build customer trust that converts to sales.

Bespoke SEO Campaigns
Technical SEO Audits
Competitor Analysis

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Search Engine Optimisation

We offer bespoke SEO consultancy services that look at your company’s goals and analyse how to achieve them. As a technically-focused consultancy we increase organic rankings but also gain targeted visitors, more sales and better online exposure through in-depth keyword analysis and effective search engine optimization strategies.

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Keyword Research

We undertake professional in-depth keyword analysis. This includes the initial fact-finding and brainstorming sessions and analysing competitors using advanced keyword tools to find the right keywords for your business. Keywords that will drive visitors with a high buying intent to your website via online search.

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Competitor Analysis

Effective search engine optimisation and digital marketing requires an in-depth understanding of online competitors for real success. Our expert analysis ensures we understand competitors as well as we understand our clients. We can then identify and capitalise on gaps in competitors’ strategies to our clients’ advantage.

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Technical SEO Audit

How your website is designed and built will affect how successful it will be online. A well-designed website is the foundation on which all digital marketing efforts will be built so we perform a detailed analysis of your site and make recommendations for improving it in a way that will stand the test of time.

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Link Generation

Links to your website continue to be all-important for top rankings and targeted referrals. How you earn those links has changed significantly in recent years and now the process predominantly involves outreach to influential digital publishing platforms to build collaborative relationships.

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Bespoke SEO Campaigns

We provide bespoke SEO campaigns based on well-researched keywords, professionally created content and an innovative approach to link-building and collaboration. As rankings and web traffic grow we ensure visitors become customers providing a great return on your digital marketing investment.

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Why Choose Ditto Digital SEO Agency?

15 years’ experience
Providing SEO consultancy services for over 15 years, we have developed experience in every aspect of organic search marketing. We are adaptable to business needs and deliver lasting results. Our high quality work has a commercial impact and many clients have been with us for over 10 years.

UK-based SEO team
Our UK-based SEO team has the technical expertise to identify opportunities to improve web optimisation and speed performance. Our SEO expertise includes planning and strategy experience in both national and international SEO to reach customers wherever they are.

Professional copywriters
Our professional copywriters produce web copy, thought-leadership articles, case studies and blog posts. The all-important content strategy that ensures internet marketing success.

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SEO Consultant checks search metrics

Bespoke Digital Marketing Strategies

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Search engine optimisation has become increasingly sophisticated and standard methods no longer work as well as they used to. Effective optimisation that increases sales now requires a strategy that incorporates mobile speed and usability, an understanding of semantic search and content, and technical analysis of backlink data. It also requires an in-depth understanding of online competitors: what they are doing well and where there are gaps that can be exploited.

As a specialist SEO company in the UK we work closely with your business to understand your competitors and your ideal customers, to understand your website and its data: from traffic sources and CTR, to user engagement and conversions. With that in-depth knowledge our SEO Experts will plan and implement a tailored online marketing approach that works for your business.

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Technical SEO Consultancy

We provide expert SEO consultancy services and have a proven track record of measurable SEO results.

Since 2009 we’ve been working with businesses of all sizes to increase organic rankings, grow web traffic and generate sales. Our technical, data-driven approach has delivered traffic increase of up to 500% for successful B2B and B2C companies.

We deliver results-focused internet marketing for all our clients and are pro-active and highly responsive, with customer service that will exceed your expectations.

A reliable UK-based SEO company you can trust

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organic visits tripled in 2 years 2018-2020


Some of Our Clients

We are proud to work with businesses of all sizes in a range of different industries

Search Engine Optimisation Client
Search Engine Optimisation and Link Generation Client
SEO Agency
Internet Marketing for Client
Online Marketing Services for Client
Expert SEO Agency for Client
SEO Agency and Link Earning Client
SEO Agency and Link Earning Client

What Our Clients Say About Us…

Since working with DittoDigital, we have finally found an SEO specialist that takes the time to understand our business and really deliver on results and expectations. A personable and professional company with a straightforward logical approach that guides and advises us on achievable goals whilst keeping up with current trends and methods that occur in in the ever changing world of Search Engine Optimization.ChangeQuest Training,
I have worked with Ditto Digital for over three years and have always found them very professional and service orientated. They really know Their subject but are able to explain the technicalities and answer questions at a layman's level in the complex world of SEO.,
Michelle has been running our SEO marketing for a few years now and she works collaboratively to help achieve our strategic goals' Michelle is 'can-do', professional and creative and a pleasure to work with,
The training was really helpful. Not only has it allowed me to increase my skill sets but also will allow me to apply the knowledge to my everyday work and support me in growing the company.Amy Cook, Guardian Angel Carers
Content of the reports were excellent – the best I’ve seen from SEO consultantsDave Vann, ABA Design
We've been working with Ditto for nearly 2 years now and they have consistently driven more traffic to our website and consequently we've seen a big uplift in sales. Very knowledgeable about SEO and have also helped with several improvements to our site.,

An Overview of our SEO Services

Working With an SEO Agency
Working with Ditto Digital

Working With an SEO Agency

Here at Ditto Digital we believe in working as a strategic partner with all of our clients, large and small. Think of us as your in-house SEO expert. Our mission is to undertake the specialist SEO activities for which you don’t have the skills in-house, while being as committed to your success as your own employees.

As a specialist SEO Agency, we enjoy educating our clients in the basics of Search Engine Optimisation because that way your business is best-placed to understand the enormous benefits of SEO and online marketing. For businesses planning to build their own SEO team, we also provide bespoke training on a one-to-one basis or for small groups covering SEO fundamentals such as:

  • Defining and Understanding SEO Goals
  • Analysis of Search Terms & Trends
  • Competitive Research & Analysis
  • Use of Common SEO Software
  • On-Site Optimisation
  • Identifying Technical Errors with Websites

Ditto Digital Team doing competitor analysis

We are a small SEO Agency that can help your business make a big impact. We’ve helped grow businesses by increasing web traffic, qualified leads and sales. We won’t confuse you with technical jargon but we will use our technical expertise to boost your revenue. We are clear and transparent about the work we do on your behalf and all work is carried out by our long-standing dedicated team.

Our SEO experts devise and implement successful SEO and online marketing campaigns for all types of businesses from B2C, B2B and non-profit organisations across the UK.

Our aim is not just to improve metrics for your website but to generate a real uplift in sales – ultimately the only measure of importance for any SEO strategies. We’ve seen many advertising campaigns both on Google and social media that drive a significant increase in visitors but don’t increase sales. Our SEO services are different – we’ve grown client web visits from 800/month to 30,000/month with zero spend on Google Ads. We understand SEO and are technically focused to take advantage of all it can offer. Our SEO services are affordable and will ensure your business grows for years to come.

Find The Right Web Visitors

Find The Right Web Visitors

Every business wants more people to visit their website but an increase in visitors does not always result in an rise in sales. So determining who are the “right visitors” is an essential part of our SEO services. Our SEO experts will research and analyse keywords and search terms that will produce qualified leads and visitors with a high buying internet.

This keyword analysis and research is completed at the start of every SEO programme but is also reviewed periodically because Google search trends change over time. Companies also change their products and services so we ensure that the SEO approach continues to meet the needs of your growing company as it evolves.

Of course, Google’s algorithm and expectations of a top ranking website are also constantly changing. User Experience (UX) and Page Speed, especially on mobile devices, are now more important that ever. We keep abreast of all the latest changes regarding search engines like Google and alter our SEO approach as necessary. That way we continue to keep our clients at the top of the SERPS. SEO is a growing and evolving discipline and we relish the constant change and challenge of working in this field.

SEO Team evaluating link-building progress

Search Intent

The search terms or keywords that a business focuses on are essential to success. Pick the wrong ones and you will have a shaky foundation. Pick the right ones and you will be building on solid foundations. Everything in an SEO approach starts from understanding goals, aims and target markets. To quote Henry Ford “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Businesses can easily describe a problem they’re having or their aims and objectives; but not always the best solution. That’s why at Ditto Digital we ensure that our SEO strategies get the foundation right before moving on to the implementation of a campaign.

Know Your Online Competition

Know Your Competition

Identifying competitors in the “real world” is relatively easy, but identifying them in the digital world requires more in-depth research and investigation into how each potential competitor is handling their own SEO strategy. As a specialist SEO agency with years of technical expertise, our SEO consultancy services investigate in detail how competitors are implementing their search marketing efforts.

Small companies in some sectors may be very active in their online marketing efforts while larger companies may be resting on their laurels and using well-known brand reputation to dominate online. Whatever the situation in your business sector we can highlight opportunities to target, and areas that your rivals are neglecting. For that reason we never assume to know who the competition is without thorough research. Failing to identify the true online competition could mean your search engine optimization plan is not maximised.

Link Building - Content Creation Concept

However, the right approach enables smaller companies to compete on a level playing field with much larger companies in the digital landscape. We have been implementing SEO plans for more than 10 years that have enabled our clients to do just this. And we are proud to have been part of the growth and success of all of our clients. In an online world where the costs of paid advertising are expensive and ever-increasing, SEO provides an effective alternative at lower cost and with a higher return on your investment.

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Website Improvement

Website Improvement

Our standard and bespoke SEO consultancy services include everything your company needs to be successful in the digital world. The beauty of SEO is that website improvements for optimisation purposes are closely aligned with a great user experience. So when we recommend changes to increase rankings you can be certain that those changes will also provide a better experience for your web visitors. Faster page loading times, easier to navigate websites and content that will better engage and inform people. This means that when higher rankings drive more visitors to you site they are more likely to convert to customers or clients.

Our approach to advising on website improvements as part of our standard service is what sets us apart from other SEO agencies. We charge fixed monthly fees suitable for a range of budgets that cover everything you’ll need. No hidden extras and no additional costs for the valuable advice we provide each and every month. All in addition to the SEO activities we carry out, which are pre-defined at the start of every campaign to meet your particular goals and to fall within your budget.

Link Building - Linkable Assets Concept

Here are some improvements our SEO experts would typically recommend:

  • page speed
  • internal link structure
  • mobile responsiveness
  • mobile user experience
  • relevant and unique content
Targeted Outreach for link-building

Targeted Outreach

An essential part of all SEO strategies should include gaining high-quality, relevant backlinks to a website from reputable sources. Backlinks are most often built by collaborating with relevant websites, blogs and subject matter experts in non-competing businesses. We also use news outlets where relevant and appropriate; and where they offer links with SEO value.

The creation of backlinks is inextricably bound to every online marketing process because it is good content on a website that attracts links – and content external to the website that is likely to be published by an authoritative website.

Here at Ditto Digital we build relationships with those authoritative websites and influencers via targeted outreach. This process identifies sources that could link to good quality content in the form of articles, reports, guides, podcasts or webinars on your business website. Collaborative partners could also publish guest content on their own websites as way of providing quality backlinks.

SEO team developing an outreach strategy to boost organic traffic

Creating Content for SEO

Content Strategy & Creation

All content necessary to implement a successful SEO plan is included as part of our SEO service. We employ professional writers for that all-important content so your business does not have to worry about producing enough well-optimised content. Failing to produce enough content is often the reason an SEO approach is not as successful as it could be. Our content is well-researched and professionally written both for your own website – to inform and engage visitors – and to use as part of our outreach programme to establish valuable links.

Content strategy and creation is all part of what we do here at Ditto Digital SEO agency. You can focus on running your business while we take responsibility for every aspect of promoting and growing your business through online channels. Whether you need local SEO or you’re targeting national or international audiences, we have the skills and expertise to devise and implement an SEO plan that will improve organic search results and increase revenue for your company.

SEO team discussing organic traffic

Link Building for better SEO results

Link Building

Creating backlinks from reputable websites that also provide SEO value is an essential part of any SEO process. Without building good-quality backlinks it is extremely difficult to rank near the top of Google’s organic search listings; unless it is for a low-traffic relatively obscure search term. For that reason link-building is fundamental to our SEO process for all websites.

To achieve high rankings for high traffic searches that will drive a significant number of visitors to your website backlinks will have the biggest impact of all SEO activity that we carry out. We analyse and document each and every backlink that we gain for a website. They will all be instrumental in both achieving, increasing and maintaining high rankings in Google’s search engine and other search engines.

And once links have been gained – either via our SEO process or naturally – we continue to monitor all links to ensure they continue to add value. We also review on a regular basis the links being gained by competitors so that we can identify further opportunities for collaborative outreach. SEO is an ongoing process requiring time, effort and expertise. Why not let us professionally manage your SEO and content strategy, while you get on with the business of running your business.

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Here’s a list of all the SEO Services we provide:

SEO Activity
link monitoringKeyword Research & Analysis  This includes a thorough assessment of which search terms have adequate traffic to impact sales and which could be targeted long and short-term. Whilst SEO specialists still refer to “keywords”, in fact, more often keyword groups are targeted, which include short and long phrases. Examples of targeted search terms might include phrases such as “Basic SEO tips”. Or even sentences such as “How can I implement an SEO campaign?”.
understand your online audienceCompetitive Research  This involves identifying the main competitors of a business, and then performing an in-depth analysis of their website in terms of on-site SEO, structure and any technical issues. This is followed by an analysis of the competitors link profile to asses the value of their existing links.
content creation for link buildingOn-site Optimisation  An audit is usually undertaken to identify both site-wide technical issues such as broken links or 404 errors, and then page-level issues that could be hampering high rankings. The page-level analysis is based on the keywords identify during keyword analysis.
link placementOff-site Optimisation  A review of the full link profile is undertaken to identify the value of each and every link to the business website. Factors for each backlink are assessed such as: dofollow attribute, age of link, age of linking domain, Domain Authority (DA) of linking domain, Trust Flow (TF) metric of linking domain.
outreach as part of a link building processContent  Website is reviewed to determine how and when fresh, new content can be added, and in what format. Content can include blog posts, reports, guides, white papers, videos, webinars, podcasts and infographics.