Standard and Bespoke SEO Consultant Services

We are technical SEO consultants with over 10 years experience devising and implementing SEO campaigns for SMEs. From creating great content, keyword analysis, on-page SEO and link-building to competitor analysis and conversion rate optimisation we ensure your website is found by the right people and generates new customers and leads for your business.
On-page SEO
SEO services that boost organic rankings, attract targeted visitors and increase sales through researching keywords, backlink building and competitor analysis.

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Content Marketing
Professional copywriting, graphics and videos to build an authoritative website to engage potential customers and grow your organic online presence.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) ensures great website usability and user experience to secure maximum conversions from web traffic.

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Some of Our Clients

We are proud to work with businesses of all sizes in a range of B2C and B2B sectors. Click the logos to read our client case studies.

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Technical SEO and Digital Marketing
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search engine optimization SEO consultant services

SEO & Digital Marketing

Your Route to Online Success

Digital marketing encompasses powerful techniques to improve online presence and increase the number and quality of visitors to a website. It includes SEO, Conversion Rate Optimisation and Content Marketing. If you are looking for SEO consultancy services to provide a personalised solution for your business, Ditto Digital is the right SEO agency for you.

Our Services Include:

Search Engine Optimisation
Link Building
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Technical Website Audits
Competitor Analysis
Content Creation
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An Overview of our SEO Consultant Services

Strategic SEO PartnerThe Right Target VisitorsImproving Your WebsiteTargeted OutreachContent CreationBacklink Building
Every SEO Expert Consultant at Ditto Digital believes that educating our clients on the basics of Search Engine Optimisation is an essential part of building a trusted relationship. Our consultants aim to become a strategic partner to your business to implement a successful digital marketing campaign that will attract visitors to your website that convert to customers. Our aim is not just any visitor but one committed to buying your products or services. The fundamental aim of SEO and online marketing is to increase revenue not just web visitors. All too often advertising campaigns both on Google and social media can drive a significant increase in visitors but often without the right buying intent. Our SEO Consultant service ensures a great ROI by being technically focused and ensuring in-depth analysis of data to drive the right sort of visitor. Our services are affordable and ensure each business website is built into a long-term sustainable asset that will continue to increase revenue for years to come.
Every business, large or small, wants more visitors to their website and, of course, an increase in visitors generally results in an increase in revenue. But not always, and not always to the level expected. So determining who are the “right visitors” is an essential part of an internet marketing and SEO campaign. Our SEO consultants include as standard a full, in-depth review of the keywords currently being targeted (if any) and the search terms currently bringing visits to a website. This keyword analysis and research is completed at the start of every SEO programme but is also reviewed periodically because search trends change over time.

Keyword Research and Analysis

The search terms or keywords that a business is targeting as part of their organic search marketing process are fundamental to success. They are required within the website itself but also elsewhere online to ensure the right visitors reach the website. Keyword research is a fundamental part of the services provided by an SEO Consultant to understand potential organic traffic from each keyword and also the level of competition.

Competitor Analysis

Looking in detail at how competitors are handling their organic search efforts can highlight opportunities to target and areas that the competition is neglecting.

All of our standard and bespoke SEO packages include everything a business needs to successfully promote their business online, within the available budget. Part of a digital marketing campaign naturally includes improvements to a business website. Either by resolving technical issues which may be hampering search marketing efforts, poor user experience that may be limiting conversions or simply by adding informative content

Here are just some of the aspects for which we make improvement recommendations as an essential part of our services:

  • page speed
  • internal link structure
  • mobile responsiveness
  • mobile user experience
  • relevant and unique content
Off-page or off-site SEO is predominantly about building high-quality, relevant backlinks to a website. It sometimes includes social media management and promoting your brand but these activities have less impact on organic search rankings than the link profile so are a minor part of off-site SEO. Backlinks are usually gained via collaboration with other websites, blogs, subject matter experts and news outlets. These could also include similar, but non-competing, businesses.

Relationships are established through a program of targeted outreach to identify sources that will mention and link to high quality content in the form of articles, videos or graphics on your business website. Alternatively these collaborative partners may also publish content we produce on their own websites as way of providing quality backlinks.


Included as part of our SEO services is a range of well-researched, professionally written content that can be used on your own website to inform and engage visitors or used as part of our outreach programme to establish valuable links.

This requires a focused content marketing strategy to produce and promote the content, which is all part of what we do here at Ditto Digital as part of our digital marketing services.

Creating valuable backlinks is an essential part of any SEO process but the critical point here is “valuable” links. We analyse and document each and every backlink that we place to your website. They will be on external websites that are relevant to your business and/or have high authority metrics to build a backlink profile that will be highly instrumental in both achieving, increasing and maintaining high organic rankings in Google’s search engine and other search engines.