Standard and Bespoke SEO Consultant Services

We are technical SEO consultants with nearly 15 years experience devising and implementing SEO campaigns for businesses of all sizes. From keyword analysis, on-page SEO and link-building, to competitor analysis and conversion rate optimisation, we ensure your website is found by the right people and generates new customers and leads for your business.

Find Out How We Can Drive More Customers To Your Website

Technical SEO Audit
How your website is designed and built will affect how successful it will be in online search. A well-designed website is the foundation on which all digital marketing efforts will be built. Our SEO consultant will perform a detailed analysis of your site and recommend improvements it in terms of speed, user experience and to attract the right visitors.
Keyword Research & Analysis
Our SEO consultant will undertake professional, in-depth keyword analysis. This includes fact-finding and brainstorming sessions and analysing competitors using advanced tools to find the right keywords for your business. Keywords that will drive visitors with a high buying intent to your website via online search.
Competitor Analysis
Effective search engine optimisation and digital marketing requires an in-depth understanding of online competitors for real success. Our Competitor Analysis process ensures we understand competitors as well as we understand our clients. We can then identify and capitalise on gaps in competitors’ strategies to our clients’ advantage.
On-page SEO
We identify & analyse your key pages, make detailed recommendations for improvements and liaise with web developers to implement those changes in order to boost organic rankings, attract targeted visitors and increase sales and leads.
Link Building
High-quality backlinks to your website continue to be all-important for top rankings. We use stringent metrics to ensure every link we place adds value to your website and collaborate with only reputable websites to build those links.
We provide a professional copywriting service for page content, blog posts and in-depth articles. We also design and create graphics and videos to build an authoritative website that will engage potential customers and grow your organic online presence.

An Overview of our Services

Strategic SEO Partner
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We are your strategic SEO partner

Every expert SEO Consultant at Ditto Digital believes that educating our clients on the basics of Search Engine Optimisation is an essential part of building a trusted relationship. We explain the SEO process we use and why so that you will always understand where your budget is being spent and how it is meeting your business objectives.

Hiring an SEO consultant from Ditto Digital means we become a strategic partner to your business to implement successful SEO strategies that will attract visitors to your website who convert to customers or clients. We have extensive experience in competitive B2B and B2C industries. Our aim is not just any visitor but one committed to buying your products or services. The fundamental aim of SEO and online marketing is to increase revenue not just organic search rankings or web visitor numbers.

All too often pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns on Google (and other search engines) and social media can drive a significant increase in visitors but those visitors do not have the right buying intent because the paid ads do not target the people likely to become customers or clients. Our SEO Consultant service ensures a great return on investment (ROI) for your business. It develops SEO strategies with technically focused in-depth analysis of data so that we improve your online presence and drive the right sort of visitor to your website.

Quick SEO Tip

Pro Tip: Use clear, appealing calls-to-action (CTA) to engage web visitors and achieve high conversion rates.

We achieve optimum click-through rate (CTR) from the search results with an accurate, targeted marketing message. We also achieve high conversion rates on the web site with web content that intrigues and interests the visitor and with clear calls-to-action (CTA) so visitors can easily take the steps necessary to become a customer or client. Our professional SEO consultant services are affordable and ensure each business website is built into a long-term sustainable asset with the right SEO strategy that will continue to increase revenue for years to come.

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The importance of targeting the right visitors to your website

Every business, large or small, wants more visitors to their website and, of course, an increase in visitors generally results in an increase in revenue. But are you achieving maximum revenue from your web visitors? Is your conversion rate at the level expected? Without a highly targeted search engine optimization campaign your website could be attracting visitors who have no intention of becoming future customers of clients.

Of course, an important part of internet marketing is to provide information so that visitors first develop trust in your company, but the ultimate aim is to convert those visitors at an appropriate time. Our experience in B2B industries has taught us that this is not an instant process as it might be in a B2C industry. Nevertheless the path from trusting a company to purchasing from them should be a clear one.


Pro Tip: Create Useful, informative and accurate content to establish trust and credibility among online audiences.

We monitor all available SEO industry metrics on new and returning visitors to ensure the balance is right between supplying information and securing business. So determining who are the “right visitors” is an essential part of an internet marketing and SEO campaign. Our SEO experts include as standard a full, in-depth review of the current keyword strategy, targeted keywords being used (if any) and the Google search terms currently bringing visits to a website.

This keyword analysis and research is completed at the start of every search engine optimization programme but is also reviewed periodically because search trends change over time. As rankings increase and web traffic increases, more data becomes available which we continually analyse to ensure your marketing investment is always achieving the best possible return.

Keyword Research and Analysis

The search terms or keywords that a business is targeting as part of their organic search marketing process are fundamental to the success of every campaign. The words people use to search for your product or service are required within the website itself – both in the content as synonyms and semantically related words and phrases and also within the HTML in parts of the source code not visible to the human eye but accessible by search engines. Those words, phrases, synonyms and related words/phrases are also necessary elsewhere online to ensure the right visitors reach the website; for instance as the anchor text of a link from a referring website.

Keyword research is a fundamental part of the services provided by a Ditto Digital SEO Consultant to understand potential levels of organic traffic from each keyword/search term; and also the level of competition from other businesses. Our analysis will highlight opportunities to target for “quick wins” but also longer term, more competitive targets that will, ultimately, result in more visits and more revenue.

We are proud of every one of our SEO consultants and the success of our campaigns in B2B and B2C markets that have enabled our clients to compete successfully with well-known brand names on Page 1 of the Google organic search results. We are a specialist SEO agency with advanced SEO knowledge, using proven SEO techniques and following industry best practices.

Work with a Ditto Digital SEO specialist to experience industry-leading SEO practices and techniques. Your business will see results in terms of improved online presence, increased organic traffic to your website and greater brand recognition.

Competitor Analysis

Looking in detail at how competitors are handling their online search efforts can highlight opportunities to target plus areas that the competition is neglecting. We research competitors in the bricks and mortar world but also “topic competitors” who may be the competition to beat online.

Our analysis highlights the type and amount of content competitors are using, how well optimised it is, how fast their websites are and how good the user experience (UX) on the main landing pages. All of these data result in recommendations we make to improve your website to better compete in the search listings.

Competitor Analysis is an essential part of every good SEO strategy. It also includes an in-depth assessment of the backlink profile of your main online competitors. What type, quality and quantity of backlinks do competitors have? Do those backlinks reveal new linking opportunities for your website? We then develop a tailored backlink strategy for your business website and implement it on an ongoing basis as part of one of our standard SEO packages.

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Making improvements to your website is all part of our SEO service

Our SEO consultancy services offer standard and bespoke SEO packages, which include everything a business needs to successfully promote and market their business online, within an agreed budget. Part of a comprehensive SEO strategy naturally includes improvements to your business website. This could include improving speed performance, improving the UX on mobile devices or improving the user journey so that more visitors convert to customers.

We liaise with your web developer in order to resolve technical SEO issues which may be hampering search marketing efforts. We also make recommendations to improve UX, which, as of 2021, is a ranking factor within Google’s algorithm. Part of these improvements includes a review and analysis of Google’s Core Web Vitals metrics and multiple other metrics related to site speed performance.

Pro SEO Tip

Pro Tip: Achieving the minimum level for Google’s Core Web Vital metrics is essential for SEO success. Download our Core Web Vitals guide for more information.

Providing a great UX also meets the expectations of search engines so UX is included in our SEO strategies. What human visitors like about a website will, therefore, be reflected in better rankings in the Google search listings or search engine results pages (SERPS). This naturally helps to generate increased organic search engine rankings and organic traffic but, more importantly, also maximises conversions and boosts business revenue.

Our internal SEO team also includes professional copywriters so that all the content needed to maximise your online exposure can be provided by us, if necessary. Whether that’s web copy, in-depth articles and guides or informative blog posts. SEO copywriting has evolved to focus simply on what humans want to read. This approach delivers high-quality content that also meets the requirements of search engines like Google. All of our SEO consulting services include content so that your team is free to run the business without worrying about generating content.

Essential SEO Consulting services

We are a specialist SEO agency with nearly 15 years of experience developing and implementing the best SEO strategies for long-term business success. We use the latest SEO tools and search marketing tactics to deliver the highest standard of digital marketing services. Here are just some of the areas we help with as an essential part of our search engine optimisation (SEO) consultancy services.

  • effective keyword strategy
  • page speed
  • internal link structure
  • mobile responsiveness
  • user experience
  • meta data optimisation
  • production of optimised content
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We use targeted outreach to build real relationships that support our link-building process

Off-page or off-site SEO is predominantly about building high-quality, relevant backlinks to a website. It sometimes includes social media management and promoting your brand but these activities have less impact on organic search rankings than the link profile so are a lesser part of off-site SEO marketing. Backlinks are usually gained via collaboration with other websites, blogs, subject matter experts and news outlets.

Collaborative relationships can also be built with similar, but non-competing, businesses, for instance a similar business in a different region or country. For UK-based businesses we might typically build relationships with similar businesses in other English-speaking countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Ditto Digital was established in 2009 so we have many years experience working with other companies for the mutual benefit of our clients. As an SEO specialist we already have a large database of contacts that we can use for businesses in many industries but are constantly growing and expanding those connections to ensure your website outperforms it’s online competitors.

Pro SEO Tip

Pro Tip: Avoid backlinks that are not from reputable sources as they will provide no SEO value. Read more about high-quality link-building here.

How we collaborate with other websites

Mutually beneficial relationships are established with other websites/businesses through a program of targeted outreach to identify sources that will mention and link to high quality content in the form of articles, videos or graphics on your business website.

Alternatively these collaborative partners may also publish content that we have produced for you on their own websites as way of providing quality backlinks. These “guest articles” are a common way to provide benefit to both parties.

We also use online news outlets to publish press releases about your business and to gain a valuable backlink. All of the backlinks created are monitored and analysed to ensure they add SEO value immediately but also in the future. We already have a wealth of relationships with other websites that we can use to immediately improve the backlink profile of any reputable website and business.

SEO Agency - Senior SEO exec

Why content creation is a fundamental part of the SEO process

Included as part of our search engine optimisation services is a range of well-researched, professionally written content. This can be used on your own website to inform and engage visitors, or used as part of our outreach programme to establish valuable links. When we use content on your website it builds up a comprehensive resource for potential customers – offering information, advice and expert tips relevant to your business and your industry.

This also helps establish credibility and trust for your brand among existing and potential customers. This is just as important for B2B as B2C businesses because B2B buying trends now show that B2B buyers do as much as 75% of their research online (according to Gartner) before contacting a potential supplier. If your current SEO efforts are not reaching those B2B decision-makers in the online search results then your business is missing out on new opportunities.

Pro SEO Tip

Pro Tip: Good quality content that engages web visitors is vital for SEO success. Try our AI-powered Content Audit to discover ways to improve your content.

How we research and produce content

Our SEO consultants liaise with our copywriting team to ensure all content produced is relevant, adds value and, of course, is of the highest standard. Written content can include in-depth articles, guides and blog posts, case studies or Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

We also produce infographics on a regular basis and support you in the production of video and audio content (podcasts) – both of which we transcribe to text to offer options for engaging with the content and for inclusivity and accessibility considerations. We, of course, spend time getting to know your business so that we can produce content with the right “voice”, tone and authority that you would use yourself.

Producing the right sort of content requires a focused content marketing strategy to research ideas, produce and promote the content. All professional SEO campaigns require significant amounts of content on a regular basis, both to ensure frequent updates to your website and to use as part of a link-building strategy. Both of these are Google ranking factors so will impact your organic rankings and, therefore, the number of visitors to your website and ultimately the number of sales. Content creation is all part of the standard service provided by our expert SEO consultants here at Ditto Digital.

SEO Link Building in progress

We build the right sort of high-quality backlinks that support your SEO strategy

Creating valuable backlinks is an essential part of every SEO process but the critical point here is “valuable” links. Whilst on-page or on-site optimisation is undoubtedly important to get right, it is only by generating valuable backlinks on a regular basis that a website can hope to achieve Page 1 rankings for competitive search terms. Without backlinks the SEO efforts will only achieve good rankings for highly specific (“long-tail”) searches that have low competition levels and so will drive very few visitors to the website.

It is also sometimes possible to achieve high rankings for popular, informative content but that sort of content attracts people looking for information and does not generally convert those visitors into customers or clients for a business.

Careful link-building that builds your online reputation

It is far better to target – and achieve – high rankings for competitive search terms which indicate a high buying intent and will generate revenue rather than simply web traffic. And it is by building a high quality backlink profile that this can be achieved.

We carefully consider each and every backlink that we generate to ensure it adds value in the right places. We analyse and document each and every backlink that we place to your website so that you can see exactly how we are building your online reputation and be confident that we are using reputable backlinking techniques.

The backlinks we generate will be on external websites that are relevant to your business and/or have high authority metrics in order to build a backlink profile that will be highly instrumental in both achieving, increasing and maintaining high organic rankings in Google’s search engine and other search engines. Much of this process involves targeted outreach to build relationships with other websites and we also capitalise on existing relationships, particularly with news websites and bloggers, for all of our clients.

We assess the value of each link by performing an SEO audit that uses industry-standard measures such as:

  • Domain Authority of the linking domain (using Moz DA and similar metrics)
  • Relevancy of surrounding text
  • Type of anchor text
  • “Dofollow” links in the right proportions
  • Number, relevance and quality of other external links on the linking page
  • Indexing of the linking page

Some of Our Clients

We are proud to work with businesses of all sizes in a range of B2C and B2B sectors. Click the logos to read our client case studies.

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Your Route to Online Success

Digital marketing makes use of powerful techniques to improve online exposure and increase the number and quality of website visitors. These techniques include SEO, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and Content Marketing. If you are looking for SEO consultancy services from a specialist SEO agency to provide a bespoke strategy for your business, Ditto Digital is right for you.