Competitor Analysis
We have more than 10 years’ experience developing and implementing SEO campaigns for clients in a range of industries including corporate B2B markets. Our team has particular expertise in Competitor Analysis to help your business discover the organic search tactics of your rivals, supercede them and target gaps in their strategies.

Identifying competitors in the “real world” is relatively easy, but identifying them in the digital world requires more in-depth research and investigation into how each potential competitor is handling their own SEO strategy. As a specialist SEO agency with years of technical expertise, our SEO consultancy services investigate in detail how competitors are implementing their search marketing efforts.

Whatever your business sector our expert Competitor Analysis will highlight opportunities to target and gaps to exploit. We perform thorough research to identify who the competition is in the online landscape. Failing to identify the online competition could mean your search engine optimization strategy is not maximised.

However, the right approach enables smaller companies to compete with much larger companies and well-known brands in the digital landscape. We have been implementing SEO campaigns for more than 10 years that have enabled our SME clients to do just that. And we are proud to have been part of the growth and success of all of our clients. With the cost of paid advertising becoming increasingly expensive, SEO provides an effective alternative at lower cost and with a higher return on your investment.

Our Competitor Analysis service is provided at a fixed price and includes a detailed report.

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What our clients say…

I have worked with Ditto Digital for over three years and have always found them very professional and service orientated. They really know Their subject but are able to explain the technicalities and answer questions at a layman’s level in the complex world of SEO.


We’ve been working with Ditto for nearly 2 years now and they have consistently driven more traffic to our website and consequently we’ve seen a big uplift in sales. Very knowledgeable about SEO and have also helped with several improvements to our site.


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