Website Audit Services
We provide a range of SEO Audit options for businesses embarking on their first foray into the world of SEO through to businesses with an established digital marketing strategy that needs an over-haul.

“Our audits provide actionable recommendations that have a genuine, commercially-driven impact on performance”


Our website audit services focus on: 
  • Technical SEO Issues
  • On-page Optimisation Issues
  • User Experience
  • Website Speed and Performance
  • Backlink Profile Analysis
  • Content Analysis


Our recommendations will describe in detail what problems, if any, exist with your business website and how to implement an effective SEO strategy to drive more visitors to your website. We offer advice on best practise link-building to gain valuable backlinks, on content marketing and Conversion Rate Optimisation.


We offer a number of website audit services: 


Choosing the right SEO audit provider

When choosing an SEO Audit, it’s important to ensure the company has the necessary expertise to not only detect a wide range of issues, but also provide the assistance you need to remediate them as quickly as possible.
Ditto Digital’s Audit team can be trusted to provide comprehensive SEO auditing services from Basic on-site SEO to detailed speed performance analysis (including Core Web Vitals). Our experts help companies in a range of industries identify and address issues on their websites that are preventing potential customers from finding your website online.

All our SEO audit services include detailed, actionable recommendations for remediation, complete post-audit review, remediation guidance and strategic advice to help you make long term improvements to the online visibility of your website.


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Discover how well your business website is working to attract new online customers. Find out how to improve your existing digital marketing efforts or how to start your first digital marketing campaign to reduce your reliance on referrals from existing customers and reduce the costs of your pay-per-click advertising.
We are technical experts in all aspects of SEO and have been established since 2009. We know how to devise and implement SEO strategies that work to grow online credibility and grow sales. We also provide professionally written content for link-building and offer standard or bespoke SEO campaigns to suit your businesses requirements and goals.
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How much does a website audit cost?
The cost of a website audit can vary based on several factors, including the size and complexity of your website, the depth of the audit, the expertise of the professionals or agency you hire, and the specific services included in the audit. Here’s a general idea of what you might expect to pay for different levels of website audits:

  1. Basic Website Audit: A basic website audit typically includes a review of your website’s on-page elements, technical issues, and overall SEO health. This might include checking for broken links, analysing meta titles and descriptions on web pages, assessing mobile-friendliness, and identifying basic technical issues. Costs for a basic audit by us here at Ditto Digital range from £250 to £450 for complex websites.
  2. Comprehensive Website Audit: A comprehensive audit involves a thorough examination of your website’s technical aspects, on-page optimisation, user experience, site structure, and more. This type of audit is more in-depth and might include recommendations for improvements in multiple areas, including backlink strategy. The cost for a comprehensive audit at Ditto Digital can range from £450 to £950 or more in the case of large, complex websites.
  3. Technical SEO Audit: If you need to specifically focus on technical aspects of a website, like site speed, crawling issues, indexability, and schema markup, our technical SEO audit might be more appropriate. Talk to us to find out whether this type of audit is necessary for your website. We can usually give an instant response. This type of audit will cost anywhere from £250 to £950  depending on the complexity of your website.
  4. Content Audit: A well-structured model of content on a website is essential for every SEO strategy. Our content audit and analysis will evaluate your content quality, keyword optimisation, internal linking and content gaps. It can also include an AI-powered Natural Language Analysis since Google’s algorithm uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) when assessing content. The cost for this type of audit ranges from £350 upwards.

It’s important to note that costs can vary based on the specific analysis provided and the size and complexity of the website being audited. When considering a website audit, make sure you enquire about what’s included in the audit, what kind of report or recommendations you’ll receive, and whether the cost can be customised to fit your needs and budget.

At Ditto Digital we have a track record of delivering valuable insights and recommendations based on audit findings since 2009.