AI-Powered Content Audit
Outperform competitors in organic search and be found by your target audience with our AI-powered Content Audit. We analyse the Top 10 ranking pages in the UK for high-value keywords relevant to your business. Then create a list of words and phrases to add or remove from your content.
Our AI-powered Content Audit uses the same Natural Language Processing (NLP) used in Google’s algorithm and in recent tests we have increased Ranking Visibility by 23% with a few simple NLP changes.

Google uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to determine which websites deserve to appear on the first page of search listings. This means it is looking for general words and phrases naturally used in human language in relation to the page topic, but not specifically related to that topic alone.

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Has your web content kept up with NLP advances in Google?
If not, that could explain why you are struggling to reach Page 1. 

Our AI-powered Content Audit will identify if content meets the standard now expected by online searchers – and search engines – and give you the knowledge to develop a better content strategy to increase revenue.

Here are some factors to consider when producing website content:
  • Always review top-ranking content on a topic before writing anything.
  • Use words that suggest a positive sentiment (friendly, great, helpful) if top ranking pages do the same.
  • Content is not just about traditional keywords – ensure phrases in surrounding sentences and paragraphs provide context.
  • Think about “indicator keywords” i.e. general words you would expect to find in content about a certain topic.
  • Is the text easy to read? Our favourite tip is to simply read it out loud to see if it flows.
  • Is the text logically ordered with relevant headings and sub-headings?
  • Avoid complex sentences with unnecessary adjectives and multiple clauses.
  • Use the right punctuation, spelling and grammar – it matters to Google.
  • If statistics are needed for a topic make sure they are up-to-date.
  • Where readers will be expecting a specific answer, give that answer as soon as possible.


We also provide:

Technical SEO Audit – in-depth assessments of a website which include keyword research and competitor analysis.

SEO Health Check – for businesses that want to understand what SEO activity has taken place to date, who want to implement a new SEO strategy or want to increase conversions (Conversion Rate Optimisation).


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