SEO Health Check
Whether your business has been running an SEO campaign for a while or you are just starting out, every business website can benefit from an unbiased SEO health check. Our SEO Health Check involves a thorough website analysis and helps you to understand what SEO activity has taken place to date, whether your SEO strategy is effective and how to increase traffic and conversions.


Focus of an SEO Health Check

Our SEO Health Check is an in-depth assessment of how well your current online marketing efforts are achieving their aims. We review your target keywords/search terms and target pages; the on-page optimisation for those target pages and current organic rankings. We analyse what your competitors are doing in terms of content and website structure, and what you could be doing better. We then provide detailed recommendations to fully optimise your target pages to boost rankings, drive more visits and increase customer numbers. If required we also have professional copywriters to produce additional content.

Our SEO Health Check focuses on the following factors that will boost your rankings in Google organic search (and other search engines), drive targeted visitors to your site and convert more leads:

  • Full page optimisation
  • Content type & formatting
  • Current organic rankings
  • Keyword opportunities
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • Bounce Rate
  • Dwell Time



“We understand SEO from the words on the page to the code behind the scenes and everything in between”


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SEO Health Check - improving CTR
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Is your business SEO Strategy not working? Or is it only having limited success? We can identify why your strategy is not effective and then devise a new strategy to increase rankings, web visits and, ultimately sales. We have over 10 years’ experience working with SMEs in a variety of industries developing successful digital marketing campaigns that deliver on their promises.

We won’t promise instant results but we will promise to grow your website into a valuable, sustainable asset that will increase revenue for your organisation and support building your brand. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to help all our clients achieve their online marketing goals. And are always happy to provide case studies of successful businesses we have helped dominate their online niches – even when competitors are large, well-known brands with much higher digital marketing budgets.

Why not start getting to know how Ditto Digital could transform your business with an SEO Audit. Our Basic SEO Audit provides an analysis and report of various technical aspects of your website and could make a real difference to marketing your business in the ever-changing online landscape. Many websites contain technical errors that businesses are unaware exist but which are impeding SEO and organic search efforts. Let us help you identify those errors and start on the road to an effective SEO strategy.
Here at Ditto Digital we have over 12 years’ experience working with SMEs to understand their goals and target markets in the online landscape. Our team comprises professional copywriters who produce research-led content, and technical SEO specialists who are as comfortable doing outreach campaigns or liaising with web developers to implement code changes as they are link-building, tweaking on-page SEO and completing an SEO Health Check.

We understand SEO from the words on the page to the code behind the scenes and everything in between. We love analysing the data that informs and drives all our decisions about your digital marketing and SEO strategy. There is real value in your data and we know how to analyse it and exploit it to your advantage.