360° SEO Health Check
If your business has been running an SEO campaign for a while, or you have used a free SEO site checkup tool but seen no improvements, you can benefit from a professional SEO health check. Our 360° SEO Health Check involves an expert analysis of your website, content, basic on-site SEO and technical SEO. Our SEO professionals will establish what SEO activity has taken place and what SEO issues exist. We then resolve technical issues and develop an effective SEO strategy.
A free SEO site checkup tool can only do so much for your website. After that you need a professional, high quality SEO strategy if you really want to outperform competitors online.

“We analyse your website, SEO data, content and backlinks then make clear recommendations for improvements in simple language so you understand what needs to be done”


Focus of an SEO Health Checkup

Our SEO Health Checkup is an in-depth analysis of how well your current online marketing efforts are achieving their aims. We review your target keywords/search terms and target pages; the on-page optimisation for those target pages and current organic rankings. We analyse what your competitors are doing in terms of content and website structure, and what you could be doing better.

We then provide detailed recommendations to fully optimise your target pages to boost rankings, drive more visits and increase customer numbers. If required we also have professional copywriters to produce additional content for small business owners with limited resources to do this in-house.

What’s included?

Our 360° SEO Health Check can be tailored to your specific needs. A typical checkup analyses the following areas that impact rankings in Google search (or any other search engine such as Bing) :

Full page optimisation

Search engine rankings depend on multiple factors and criteria but the best place to start is with the basics. Free SEO checker tools are good at identifying basic SEO issues but that is only the first step towards SEO success. Tools can determine if basic meta tags and heading tags have been configured effectively; and whether images have been fully optimised.

However, to fully optimize a whole website and individual pages requires 360° SEO Audit and Health Check that goes beyond the basics and analyses, for instance, page speed performance, encoding and other technical factors important to search engines.

Content type, formatting & Natural Language use

A good content strategy is an important factor in search engine optimization and SEO tools alone will not be able to develop a strategy for a business. The most they will do is provide tips for webmasters on how to optimise a website for basic ranking factors. SEO professionals, on the other hand, will analyze competitors and ensure every webpage works hard to raise brand awareness, drive online traffic and convert customers to new leads.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

How often people click on a website in the search listings is just as important as how well you optimize a page for SEO ranking. That is where the customer journey starts – by first being encouraged to click on a particular site. To improve CTR our expert SEO checker will analyze each word of a competitor title tag and meta description, then test changes and make continuous improvements.

Reviewing competitors

Free tools sometimes perform basic competitor analysis but, yet again, free SEO checker work does not analyse competitors to the level of detail required in the highly competitive digital landscape. We don’t just produce reports, we make clear recommendations and implement those tasks to improve organic rank.

Website structure and user experience

Both search engines and people need to be able to easily find their way around a website so the website structure plays an important part in search engine rankings by ensuring engagement rate is as high as possible. The user experience (UX) on any site will determine overall success.

Backlink analysis

High quality backlinks are another important SEO rank factor so our expert SEO checker will perform an SEO audit, produce detailed reports and analyze all backlinks to a website. We also analyze the linking domains i.e. the websites the backlinks are coming from, to incorporate into an overall SEO score.

The linking domains can be a sign of the quality control of the overall link profile. Again a free tool can produce reports identifying backlinks and linking domains but cannot perform the in-depth analysis in the way an SEO professional does.

Current organic ranking

An SEO strategy starts with understanding keywords, intent, SEO ranking and traffic for each important web page on a site. Search engines like Google provide some useful free tools such as Search Console that can provide a quick overview of rankings for sites. And free SEO checker tools can provide a broad SEO score. That is a good place to start but no free tool is enough to significantly boost the SEO of a website.

User Engagement

Once visitors arrive on your website they need to immediately be engaged by what they find. We work with our clients to ensure every SEO landing page on the website provides options for visitors at every stage of the customer journey. So, even if people are not ready to buy right now, they will find something of interest that will raise brand awareness and keep them coming back, until they are ready for the next step.

Internal link structure

Internal links help to deliver a great UX but links are also used to demonstrate to search engines what is the most important information on sites. Menus are used to form a basic hierarchical structure but links also need to connect inter-related webpages and content to reinforce the message of what is important on a site.

Reviewing keyword opportunities

Keywords are essential for successful search engine optimization but there is also additional information to be found in the SERPS about user intent. Understanding customers issues will ensure a page is ranking well but will also drive the right visitors to the site to generate business growth.

We are technical SEO experts

Unlike other SEO agencies, our team has a solid technical background with decades of experience as software engineers and web developers. So we can discover technical factors impacting how websites rank (or don’t rank) in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). All of our reports are backed up by clear explanations of any issues and recommendations to make improvements.


“We understand SEO from the words on the page to the code behind the scenes and everything in between”


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Why not start getting to know how Ditto Digital could transform your business with an SEO Audit. Our Basic SEO Audit provides an analysis and report of various technical aspects of your website and could make a real difference to marketing your business in the ever-changing online landscape. Many websites contain technical errors that businesses are unaware exist but which are impeding SEO and organic search efforts. Let us help you identify those errors and start on the road to an effective SEO strategy.

Is your business SEO Strategy not working? Or is it only having limited success? We can identify why your strategy is not effective and then devise a new strategy to increase rankings, web visits and, ultimately sales. As one of the leading SEO agencies in the UK, we have over 15 years’ experience working with SMEs in a variety of industries developing successful digital marketing campaigns that deliver on their promises.

We won’t promise instant results but we will promise to grow your website into a valuable, sustainable asset that will increase revenue for your organisation and support building your brand. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to help all our clients achieve their online marketing goals. And are always happy to provide case studies of successful businesses we have helped dominate their online niches – even when competitors are large, well-known brands with much higher digital marketing budgets.

Here at Ditto Digital we have worked with SME clients since 2009 to understand their goals and target markets online. Our team comprises professional copywriters who produce research-led content, and technical SEO specialists who are as comfortable doing outreach or liaising with web developers to implement code changes as they are link-building, tweaking on-page SEO and completing an SEO Checkup.

We understand SEO from the words on the page to the code behind the scenes and everything in between. We love analysing the data that informs and drives all our decisions about your digital marketing and SEO strategy. There is real value in your data and we know how to discover it, analyse it and exploit it to your advantage.