The Live-in Care Hub Case Study
412% increase in targeted traffic in 2 months
7,000 new web visitors per month
The Live-in Care Hub is a not-for-profit organisation, committed to raising the quality of care for older people in the UK by giving them the opportunity to be cared for at home. As the experts in live-in care, they guide families through all care options in an honest, impartial way. They raise awareness of an alternative that challenges the traditional view that care homes are the only answer.

Founded in 2013, all their care providers are members of the United Kingdom Homecare Association.
The Live-in Care Hub has seen sustained growth and success over 4 years and cemented their position as one of the country’s leading resources for information and impartial advice about care for older people. This has been done via a thoughtful, well-researched content strategy and a tailored search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy by us here at Ditto Digital.

Non-profit traffic increase in 2 months

The Challenge
The Live-in Care Hub understood that to raise awareness of better types of care for older people required developing a strong online presence that raised their profile as a source of expertise and knowledge in the care sector. A major challenge was to inform people of better alternatives to care homes in an industry dominated by care homes for elderly people. Prevailing opinions tended to promote the idea that care homes were the only option or that alternatives were too expensive for most people. Both opinions that The Live-in Care Hub highlighted, via independent research, were simply invalid. They needed to reach and engage with their target audience online so they could build trust and credibility as a source of impartial advice so they could challenge these long-held opinions.

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The Ditto Digital Solution
A thoughtful, well-researched content strategy together with a high-quality link-building strategy were developed and implemented by Ditto Digital to boost search engine rankings and drive targeted traffic to the website. In an industry where trust is paramount, both the content we produced for the website and the backlinks we earned for this non-profit organisation had to be of the highest quality and conform to Google’s quality guidelines (E-E-A-T). The Live-in Care Hub website now ranks on Page 1 of Google search results for multiple highly relevant search terms across the whole of the UK. This quality-first approach to digital marketing helped traffic to the website grow by 120% in just the first year the strategy was implemented. Traffic has continued to grow sustainably over subsequent years.

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The Results
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Dominique Kent, Joint Founder of the Live-in Care Hub remarked “We realised that not everyone knew there were alternatives to moving into a care home, but the research showed that many people are strongly against moving out of their own homes, and are particularly worried about being forced by family or healthcare professionals to do so. We wanted a style of well-researched content to address these concerns and highlight what the alternatives are.”
Michelle Symonds, Founder of Ditto Digital, commented “We know that engaging, informative blog posts, guides and reports can attract web visitors. They are a great way to offer tips and advice, provide well-researched information or unique perspectives. However, senior care is an emotive topic and the previous content strategy focused on practicalities for older people: mobility issues, understanding chronic illnesses, how best to pay for healthcare and senior care. It was not tapping into the real concerns and anxiety surrounding those practical elements of getting older. The new content strategy developed by Ditto Digital focused instead on the emotional aspects, the fear and anxiety of recognising the inability to cope.”

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