Net Security Training is a dynamic, specialist provider of Cyber Security and Information Assurance courses. The company has been integral in shaping the Cyber Security education landscape in the United Kingdom. They have been commissioning, developing and introducing high end course materials into this space and educating IT security staff to tackle the increasingly sophisticated cyber security threats since the company was established in 2002.

SEO for cyber security company

Security breaches are one of the most serious threats to a business’s progression and even their existence. Threats can range from organised cyber crime groups to rogue employees and has progressed over the past few years from a crime of opportunity to an open market of complex malware and ransomware backed by money launderers and criminal groups.

In 2015 Ditto Digital was asked to carry out detailed keyword research, fully optimise the Net Security Training website and develop content for the website and also for use in a proactive link building campaign. The campaign targets IT security training courses in general but also specific qualifications such as the Certificate in Information Security Management Principles, Practitioner Certificate in Information Risk Management regulated by the British Computer Society (BCS).

During the campaign ranking visibility across a wide group of keywords was increased from 40% to 64% with a range of keywords moving from ranking positions >50 up to the middle of page 1 in the Google search listings. During the same period visitor numbers to the website increased by 40% as a direct result of the page 1 rankings and the well-researched and highly popular blog content.