AVR International was founded in 2002 and is firmly established as a leading supplier of IT Security Solutions to the international market. AVR are accredited partners with the major IT security solutions vendors and have developed an in-depth understanding of every aspect of IT security from email filtering, web filtering, encryption, anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware to DLP & IPS, whether as a software, hardware or service solution. They pride themselves on understanding all solutions available, those they offer as much as those they don’t, from both a technical and commercial level so that they can genuinely recommend the best solution for a client’s needs.


With increasing demand by corporations for Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions and enormous growth in the area from a number of major providers the company were keen to establish a new website as a Knowledge Centre. Ditto Digital became involved at an early stage in the new website’s development and was able to advise the web developers on how to best optimise the fledgling website. Ditto Digital then helped grow the website as a source of independent advice and knowledge with well-researched content and promote the site through a targeted link building and PPC campaign to increase online presence and drive visitors to the site.

To a large extent, the growth in MDM was driven by employees wanting access to business data from their mobile devices and with the growth of smartphones and tablets for personal use, particularly Apple’s iPhone and iPad, employees want the same familiar and easy-to-use capabilities for accessing work data on the move or when working away from the office, including corporate data, reports and applications, with all the additional security issues this entails. Many organisations are offering mobile devices not just to senior executives, but also to more and more employees previously not eligible for corporate-owned mobile devices to take advantage of increased employee productivity but also to ease the administration and management burden whilst at the same time controlling and securing their confidential data.

Helen Hall, Founder and Director of AVR International Ltd, remarked “We understood the need for a Knowledge Base that would suit the diverse requirements of companies of all sizes at different stages of their path to a fully implemented MDM solution. By offering independent advice we have been able to help a range of companies to achieve the most suitable MDM solution for their specific needs from both a technical and commercial perspective as we recognise the importance of good value in the current economic climate. AVR has experience implementing a range of solutions from different vendors and the flexibility to offer the solution most suited to a company’s particular needs. The lack of truly impartial expert advice on mobile device management was a significant factor in our decision to establish a new website that promises to be the thought leader in this space.”