SEO Basics - Using Google Search Console

In case you missed it, back in May, Google announced it was rebranding it’s Google Webmaster Tools as Google Search Console. It seems mainly because it is not just webmasters who use the tool and the new name will reflect the wider audience that is already taking advantage of the information available in GWT, basically everyone who wants to be found in a Google search

As an SEO expert I use it for checking organic impressions, queries that are bringing visitors to a site and the landing pages most commonly “landed” on.

It is also invaluable for checking the health of a website: it will warn you if your site is not suitably optimised for mobile devices and recently gave us a heads-up when web developer uploaded the wrong robots.txt file which disallowed all pages from being indexed by Google (yes, that’s another story).

So whether you were already a fan of Google Webmaster Tools or you are new to search optimisation check out the re-branded Google Search Console, it will help you improve the visibility of you content in search listings and help diagnose any problems with your website preventing it doing well in organic searches.


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  1. Correct, New google search console has some of things are missing and this is the best way to undersand the new search console for better use. Thankyou

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