how to improve click-through rate

In the world of digital marketing we need to focus on a whole range of areas to get the better rankings, visitors and leads we need so sometimes elements that are quick and easy to change and which can have a significant impact can be neglected. After all there are only so many hours in the day…

But I’ve recently been working on improving the click-through rate (CTR) of various websites and seen some promising results. We all see CTR on our weekly and monthly reports but don’t often enough try and improve it. Sure we might put a lot of effort into the title and description of a new site or when the site is revamped but what about on a regular basis trying to tweak the text that is displayed in the search listings?

Not nearly enough companies make that effort because the title and description of a well-optimised site is usually pretty good so it’s not always obvious that there is room for improvement. But, quite simply, it’s a good idea to give it a go – the question is how to improve on something that is already pretty good?

Anyone in advertising will tell you that emotions trigger a purchase and it’s just the same in the digital world – shall I click on that website or not? What makes you select a particular website over another? Something in the wording of the title or description triggers an emotion and you select the site that “speaks” to you personally. I don’t automatically select the number one spot if a listing further down sounds more relevant, exciting, cheaper or whatever it is that I am looking to appeal to me.

So try tweaking your title and description to really grab attention rather than just state the facts about what you offer and monitor your CTR after the change (give it a try for 7 days to see if you get better rankings)

I’d be interested to hear you results…

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