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There are many techniques that SEO professionals use to obtain good quality backlinks for client websites. Some seem to be regularly mentioned across SEO articles online yet, in my 12+ years’ experience, offer little to no return on investment in time and effort (yes I’m looking at you Broken Link Building technique). Other techniques get far fewer mentions but are worth the time and effort for the occasional gem of a backlink. One such technique is to sign up to “Help-a-Reporter-Out” (HARO) at helpareporter.com. You could get a journalist contact, online exposure and a backlink. What’s not to like?

The only slight downside of HARO is the fact that it’s US-centric so many requests are looking for US-based businesses. If, like us here at Ditto Digital, you are a UK-based business then some HARO alternatives or a UK equivalent to HARO should also be in your mix for this technique. But first a quick overview of the original helpareporter.com.


HARO connects journalists and bloggers with reputable sources of data, opinions and other relevant information so that professional writers can meet publication deadlines and businesses can get media and online exposure. When you sign up to HARO (and best of all it’s totally free) you will be emailed daily updates of journalists requests for information for each category you select. It has a simple process for pitching with each request describing what is expected in the pitch. A great tool if you can find topics related to your expertise or industry. Just be prepared to trawl through multiple requests looking for ones that are relevant.


Launched in 2015, journorequests.com will email a list of opportunities to contribute to articles on a daily basis (and it’s free to subscribe). Opportunities mostly come from UK publications. As a alternative you can simply check the#journorequest and #journorequests hashtags on Twitter for the latest journalist requests.


Another place to receive UK-centric media requests from Journalists, bloggers and broadcasters straight to your inbox but there is a monthly fee. You can reply directly to any relevant requests for a chance to get your business in the media. Journolink.com also has a press release distribution service (again for a fee) – but note that any links in your press release will be “nofollow” so they may raise your business profile or even generate referral traffic but will not add any SEO value i.e. not contribute to improving the organic rankings of your website.


Editorielle.com is a new one for us but free press opportunities from Editors, Journalists and Bloggers in the UK so definitely worth a shot…

All of these sources have fairly tight deadlines and require very specific input, data or quotes. But if your business meets the criteria it’s definitely worth the effort to contribute.

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