Coara provide a professional and environmentally responsible solution to all the electronic waste, electrical recycling, secure data destruction and general office clearance needs of organisations in and around London. They are committed to reducing the impact on the environment of all corporate ewaste and supporting a move away from our wasteful linear economy.

Their strong commitment to protecting the environment means that they divert as much electronic waste away from landfill as possible; They recycle electronics wherever possible but also ensure items that are still serviceable are reused. Their services comply with the EU and UK Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment WEEE Regulations.

Coara holds a range of licenses and accreditations so that organisations can be confident of compliance with all current regulations concerning WEEE disposal and WEEE recycling. The company is regulated by the Environment Agency as a licensed waste carrier with rights to carry out the repair and refurbishing of WEEE waste. They also hold ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 certifications that ensure quality, environmental and information security standards are met. In addition, they comply with the EU and British Standard BS EN 15713 enabling the destruction of confidential information on behalf of customers.

The company has a wider commitment to promote and support a circular economy – one in which products are designed in such a way that waste is minimised, or eliminated entirely, and electrical and electronic products, and their components, are highly durable and easily repairable. An economy in which components from products that have reached the end of their usable life can easily be re-used in new products instead of becoming electronic waste. This approach is a whole new way of thinking compared to our current linear economy with it’s throwaway culture, and will mean that products are designed in a way that limits use of Earth’s finite resources (such as valuable metals), minimises energy consumption and aims to use renewable energy as much as possible. A circular economy is an approach that is beneficial to businesses, individuals and the environment.

Because of these commitments the company wanted to establish a new website ( to raise awareness of the issues surrounding electronic waste disposal. They engaged the services of Ditto Digital to produce content including blogs and videos  and to optimise the new website.